County court operations to close in Joplin until 2023

JOPLIN, Mo. — There’s barely a week left before the big move for County court operations in Joplin. The new courts building is just days away from completion.

Court operations in Joplin will shut down as of December 26th for the move into the new facility across the parking lot. Court functions will continue in Carthage during the move, and the new building will officially open for business on January 9th.

But first, there’s a lot to accomplish.

“The last time this has happened was 50 years ago, and so there’s a lot of files that need to be moved. Coordination with the State to get computers moved over to the new building. And then we also need to get acclimated to the new building. The new courts building is going to be almost double the size of the current building,” said Erik Theis, Jasper Co. Admin.

The transition will also affect the Joplin offices of 3 other county officials. The County Collector will be open through December 31st. The County Clerk will shut down starting December 26th. And the County Assessor will close on January 5th. They will all reopen on January 9th.

This only affects operations in the Joplin facility.

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