Carthage students participate in canned food drive

CARTHAGE, Mo. — Non-perishables have been part of the lesson plans this week for all five elementary schools in Carthage.

They’re taking part in a week-long canned food drive.

Kids in eight classes at Pleasant Valley have been making donations.

This is sponsored by the high school’s “FFA” program.

All of the food will be distributed to the food pantries at “Crosslines”, “Bright Futures Carthage”, “River Street”, the “Carthage Crisis Center”, and “Fairview Christian Church.”

“Service is very big, and our character word of the month is service, and so showing the kids to serve others in your community by helping when you able to is very important. So the goal is to collect as many cans as you can, and if you are the class that collects the most cans, then you get a pizza party by the FFA, thrown by them, and they’ll come and have some fun with the kids for the class that did the most,” said Don Cox, Principal.

Food items are going to the high school before being distributed to the five local food pantries.

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