Possible inspiration behind Patrick Mahomes no-look pass

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A key play in Sunday’s Kansas City Chiefs win over rival Denver Broncos may have come from something that happened when different cameras were rolling.

Fans witnessed the unexpected play in the second quarter when the Chiefs were facing 3rd-and-2.

Mahomes took a snap scrambled as the Broncos’ defensive line ran towards him. Just when everyone thought it would be a busted play, Mahomes came up with magic to complete a no-look, flip pass to Jerick McKinnon. The running back then turned on the jets to rush 56 years for a touchdown.

FOX4’s Rob Collins mentioned that the no-look pass resembled the toss Andy Reid uses in the State Farm commercial to get rid of his marker and asked the coach if he was the inspiration for the play.

“Yeah, I think it is (laughs). I’ll tell you that was (a) pretty spectacular play. I think you guys know that, but that was special. He did a nice job. I appreciate the humor there, though.”

Mahomes had something different to say about the play Sunday after the game.

“I was committed to running and then I saw I was probably going to get hit like I did last week in Cincinnati, so I just kinda flipped it. I was just trying to get it to him whatever way possible. I just kinda flicked it and he made a great play after, some guys made blocks, and he scored a touchdown. I gotta just find that fine line of when I’m doing that type of stuff and it’s good for us and when I do stuff and it’s bad for us,” Mahomes said.

The highlight reel pass is a thing of the past, at least for now, as the Chiefs get ready to face the Texans in Houston. Kickoff is Sunday at 12 p.m.

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