Kansas reaches $77 million settlement with Walgreens, CVS over opioid epidemic allegations

TOPEKA (KSNT) – More than $70 million has been secured for the state of Kansas through a legal settlement with Walgreens and CVS pharmacies.

The Kansas Attorney General’s Office announced on Monday Walgreens and CVS Pharmacies have agreed to a settlement with Kansas to resolve allegations the companies contributed to the opioid addiction crisis by failing to appropriately oversee the dispensing of opioids at their stores. The AG’s Office anticipates the money secured for Kansas, $77 million, may grow as the details of the settlement are finalized.

The settlements will provide more than $10.7 billion nationally and will require significant improvements in how the pharmacies handle opioids. The proceeds from the settlement must be used to provide treatment and recovery services for people struggling with opioid use disorder. Pharmacies must provide for broad, court-ordered requirements to their pharmacy practices, including robust oversight to prevent fraudulent prescriptions and flag suspicious prescriptions.

The settlements will be reviewed by participating states by the end of the year, allowing for additional parties to join during the first quarter of 2023. More than $278 million has been recovered by the AG’s Office related to unlawful opioid manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

The AG’s Office went on to report Kansas is engaged in other ongoing investigations and negotiations with other companies the state believes played a role in illegally fueling opioid addiction.

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