Making holiday crafts out of natural materials

JOPLIN, Mo. — There was also some holiday arts and crafts action, today, in Joplin. This time, with a twist of educational creativity.

It took place at the “Shoal Creek Conservation Education Center”. People were able to create their own nature holiday ornaments, using recycled and natural materials.

Event organizers say this is an excellent idea as another way to decorate your tree, besides those store-bought ornaments.

It also provides some fun with material you might not expect to be used.

“For the recycling aspect of our ornaments, one of our ornaments, we’ve got a little birdhouse. It is recycled paper towel tubes, so we just cut them in half, in fours depending on how big the tube is, and then we utilize those again. We recycle things like trees that are going to be down out there. While this time of year, people are using them for firewood. We’re also using them for ornaments for families to use for years to come. We’re utilizing pine cones to make our little owls with. So, we’re using all these natural aspects that you can find in nature and then be able to make these beautiful ornaments to decorate your tree with,” said Jessie Ballard, Missouri Department of Conservation Naturalist.

The “Shoal Creek Conservation Education Center” will host an animal bingo event on December 29th at 2 p.m.

You’ll be able to see live animals and learn more about them.

Registration is required, you can do that here.

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