What makes Christmas taste like Christmas to you?

WEBB CITY, Mo. — What candy makes Christmas taste like Christmas in your household?

“That’s a very interesting question, and it might be that if we got ten people together and asked them what candy makes Christmas for you, we’d get ten different answers,” said Charles Spencer, Owner, Spencer’s Sweet Call.

Whether it’s ribbon candy, a chocolate snowman, candy canes, or peppermint bark – it plays a role in your Christmas traditions and memories.

“People do have a lot of associations between memory and food, memory and taste. And so, if we can recreate those memories for ourselves, if we can have that taste that, ‘this always said Christmas to me,’ and then pass that to the next generation, I think there’s a lot of joy and celebration in the season in that,” said Spencer.

The building that’s now home to Spencer’s Sweet Call has hosted different candy shops since 1913 – providing decades of Christmas traditions fueled by your family’s
sweet memories.

“We listen to people and they tell us what Christmas is at their house, and then if at all possible, we set ourselves up to make that candy. So, we make lots of candy canes and there’s a long tradition here in Webb City of candy canes of all different sizes. And so, we have to be ready. If somebody comes in and they want a four-foot-long candy cane, we’re ready to make a four-foot-long candy cane,” said Spencer.

No matter what candy tastes like Christmas for you – Spencer says providing Christmas candy staples for local families is important to them each year.

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