Pittsburg couple finds lost diamond after a year

PITTSBURG, Kan. – After taking their morning walk on October 4th, 2021, Fran Smith discovered that the diamond on her wedding ring was missing.

“At that point, she didn’t know when it had fallen out or where far, perhaps even into the shower that morning. So we searched the house and tried to find her with a light, maybe a reflection, and we didn’t come up with the sediment at all.” Don Smith said.

Losing all hope that the diamond would be found, the couple took the ring to a jeweler to remove the prongs that once held the diamond.

“So, therefore, we had the ring fixed without the diamond, and looked really nice without the diamond.”

After living without the diamond for a full year, the Smiths got a huge surprise on October 1st this year.

Finding the diamond in the crevice of Don’s walking shoe.

“I was kind of skeptical because I couldn’t think that after a year that actually we had found it,” said Fran Smith, Don’s wife.

“Well, when I saw it, I thought, my goodness, this has been stuck in here for a year. And I’ve walked around all this time and it never came out. And I was pretty confident that it was the right time. I mean, it wasn’t any fake little jewel rolling around.” Don said.

After the diamond was taken back to the jeweler to be remounted. the Smiths said a good Samaritan already paid for the diamond to be put back in its rightful place.

“And then when we went to pay the jeweler after he had put it back on the ring, he told us that somebody else had already paid the bill for us. So that was very emotional. they had to hand me a Kleenex.”

Don Smith says his children were excited.

“Our devotion to each other and to God remain the same, and so we shared the story of the finding the diamond, and everyone, our children and grandchildren included, are pretty excited about her having the diamond back in her ring.

The couple got engaged with the ring in 1966.

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