MO state's timeline to purchase recreational marijuana

MISSOURI — Recreational marijuana is now officially legal in Missouri, but the odds are it can’t be legally purchased just yet. Amendment 3 has officially taken effect — which gives permission to any adult 21 and up.

What hasn’t yet changed is buying marijuana. Dispensaries that have been selling medical marijuana must apply to expand sales. The state has two months to decide on those applications.

Projections point to a big increase in sales down the road — as well as a jump in tax revenue.

“Right now the state’s doing about 35-million a month through all the 190 dispensaries that are open right now, but they expect that to two and a half. So they believe it will generate about 84-million a month for local tax revenue,” said Tom Bommarito, Greenlight Dispensary.

The state has published a timeline for continuing legal changes. That includes applying to grow marijuana at home.

Those forms will be available starting January 7th. For more information follow this link here.

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