Recreational marijuana becomes legal in Missouri today

FERGUSON, Mo. – One month ago, Missourians voted ‘yes’ on Amendment 3, legalizing recreational marijuana in the state.

Anyone 21 and older without a medical marijuana card will be able to buy it for recreational use. However, they cannot just walk into a dispensary and purchase marijuana, at least not yet.

“We have to submit a letter which basically says yes, we want our comprehensive license versus just a medical license,” said Tom Bommarito with Greenlight Dispensary.

Bommarito shared that a dispensary should be approved if it has no violations, is in good standing with its license, and pays its dues.

The Missouri Health Department then has 60 days from December 8 to approve each request.

Bommarito also said cities get an extra 3% sales tax.

“Right now, the state’s doing about $35 million a month through all the 190 dispensaries that are open right now, but they expect that to 2.5x. So they believe it will generate about $84 million a month in local tax revenue.”

With the legalization of marijuana taking effect in Missouri on Dec. 8, does that mean you can use or buy marijuana products anytime?

The answer is no, the law only allows you to carry up to three ounces for recreational use and up to six ounces for medical use.

The amendment does not allow the use of marijuana in the workplace, though that may be up to the business’ policies.

It stated that the law does not prohibit employers from disciplining employees who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The amendment also does not stop employers from refusing to hire anyone under the influence.

Rachelle McCain said she was excited. She uses marijuana medically, but says she knows a lot of people who would benefit from its legalization.

“My mom. Sometimes, I give her some because she lost weight and has kidney problems,” McCain revealed. “It gives her an appetite.”

Anyone under 21 could be fined or charged for possessing or using marijuana.

Recreational marijuana has been legal in Illinois since January 2020. If you have questions about the new Missouri law, go to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services where you can find out more details.

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