Joplin man sentenced in January robbery

JOPLIN, Mo. — It’s a guilty plea and sentencing for a Joplin man, charged in a January robbery case.

Jasper County Judge, Dean Dankelson, sentenced James Gautney, 33, to ten years in prison for first degree robbery, and seven years for unlawful possession of a firearm.

Gautney must serve 85% of his sentence and will get credit for the 322 days he’s already served.

Earlier this year, Joplin police received a call from a man who said someone broke into his vehicle and pulled a gun on him. The victim said it was his hand gun Gautney stole from the vehicle, along with other items.

Officers arrested Gautney a few blocks away. They said they found the gun, along with a number of ID’s and credit cards that didn’t belong to Gautney.

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