"Holiday Homes Tour" in Carthage

CARTHAGE, Mo. — After four years, the “Carthage Historic Preservation” group was able to hold another magical “Holiday Homes Tour.”

Six beautifully decorated homes were open for visitors to tour both historic and new homes throughout the day.

Of course, the historic “Phelps House” offered its elegant “Tea Time” where they served 250 tables with delicacies like Italian seafood cups, Irish beef pasties, lace cookies, and much more.

Other homes had open doors to visitors, like the “Binney House” with more than 100 years of history and memories.

It’s complete with cherry cabinets and tons of beautiful Christmas decorations.

“It is our a major fundraiser for maintenance of the Phelps House. So, it does involve the history of Carthage, we have some historic homes and as I said some newer homes. And we just hope people will appreciate all the work that’s gone into decorating the homes and the historic features of those historic homes,” said Betsy Flanigan, President, Carthage Historic Preservation Board Of Directors.

“Most of the houses on Belle Air and on Euclid were built after World War 2 when the servicemen were coming home, but this was the first house built on Belle Air,” said Bill Putnam, Grew up in the Binney House.

Bill told us that a brother and sister who used to own and live in the Binney House in the ’40s also owned the “St. Louis Browns” baseball team.

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