Gamers and vendors alike attended "JOMO Gamecon 2022"

JOPLIN, Mo. — A local church is using games to spread the message.

Celebration Church in Joplin hosted the first-ever JOMO Game Con.

It’s a convention for videos, cards, and board games.

Participants had the chance to come in and play games, hear from speakers, and see what local vendors had to offer.

The idea behind this event came from something the church was already doing with its youth group, where kids would bring in their video game consoles, build forts and enjoy fellowship.

It was so successful, the church decided to invite the public in to do something similar.

“I think it’s important that churches interact outside their four walls, so that’s kind of the dream and vision behind this mission,” said Tim Tibbles, Celebration Church Youth Pastor.

The church also showcased a new game out of Germany that allowed players to travel back in time to learn about the story of Jesus.

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