Football watch party hosted by Lamar theater

LAMAR, Mo. — It was party time for Lamar football fans today (12/2). The Lamar High School football team battled Blair Oaks in the Class II State Championship game in Columbia.

For fans who could not attend, the Plaza Theater hosted a watch party. More than a hundred Tiger fans were on hand. Plenty of food and drink for all, and plenty of cheering for the Tigers.

“This is great for Lamar for us older folks that don’t want to make the drive and come home in the dark. The Plaza here, it doesn’t cost anything to see the game. And the local bank, Lamar Trust Company, furnishes all the popcorn and drinks you can drink. So, you can’t beat that,” said Terry Moore, Lamar Fan.

“You know, Lamar has always been very good about community support. So, and this is a community-owned theater. So, it’s terrific for it really,” said Scott Kelley, The Plaza and Barco Manager.

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