Carthage students are paw-ssionate about helping homeless animals

CARTHAGE, Mo. — Some local kids are using their writing skills to help homeless animals this holiday season. 2nd and 3rd graders from Mark Twain Elementary in Carthage wrote persuasive letters, encouraging people to adopt animals this holiday season. The classes received pictures of three different animals currently at the Carthage Humane Society: Eden, Gumbo, and Gabe.

Students then wrote letters and drew pictures of the animals, which will be used to try and get the animals adopted.

“Gabe is so, so cute, he’s cute because he is soft. Gabe is friendly. He’s friendly because he likes people,” said Kruz Merrill, Mark Twain Student.

“Gabe is pretty playful, he will go after a ball when you throw it. Gabe has a cool pattern on his body,” said Molly Dietz, Mark Twain Student.

“Kids love animals. You show them pictures of cute dogs and they immediately fall in love, but they also get connected to the community. They get to express how they feel like people should help others and animals and they get to put their hearts into their writing,” said Delayna Gardner, Mark Twain Teacher.

The Carthage Humane Society will put the kids’ letters up in their building, as well as post them on their social media pages.

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