Carthage 2nd graders work annual coffee shop

CARTHAGE, Mo. — A special project on campus means extra caffeine for teachers and staff — and life lessons for students. Second graders at Mark Twain Elementary School in Carthage are running a weekly coffee shop. They take orders for coffee and cocoa every Friday, then make special deliveries around the school.

Teachers say it’s a great way to learn about planning and problem-solving… and channel that into helping others.

“Our project is to help nursing homes. We’re going to team up with the CIC with money and we’re going to make enough money to make blankets for the nursing homes for winter,” said Kruse Pearson, Carthage Student.

“We just have some wonderful kids learning about economics, learning about money. And to me, learning about kindness, respect, and giving to others this time of year. We’re pretty proud of these kids,” said Jennifer Simpson, Carthage Teacher.

This marked the first day in business for the semester. The students will also deliver coffee on December 9th and 16th.

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