1,000 lanterns illuminate historic fort in Kansas

FORT SCOTT, Kan. — A national historic site in Southeast Kansas is all lit up for a weekend of holiday tours, but not with Christmas lights. Nearly 1,000 candle lanterns illuminate a night-time walk way at the Fort Scott National Historic Site. This year marks the 41st annual candlelight tour.

Starting at dark, visitors follow the glowing path to five different stations where actors in full costume and character act out scenes from the days when the fort was active. Before the grounds opened to ticket holders tonight (12/2), members of the media were invited to walk the candle-lit pathway, stopping at each station to learn what mid-19th century life was like at the historic site in Fort Scott, Kansas.

“We look at this as a way to share history, but also as a way to celebrate the holidays. We use candles because traditionally people put candles in their windows, so this is a good way to bring it outside. We put almost 1,000 candle lanterns across the grounds, just to let it twinkle with life. Then, at the different scenes, all the different vignettes have people that interact with those on the tour, so it’s not like you’re Ebenezer Scrooge looking through a window, you’re actually part of it,” said Carl Brenner, Program Manager of the Fort Scott National Historic Site.

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The annual holiday event continues tomorrow night (12/3) at the Fort Scott National Historic Site, however tickets are sold out. If you’d like to attend next year, Brenner suggests you purchase tickets as soon as they’re available (early November 2023).

You’ll find more information on the historic fort, HERE.

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