Santa is back! Tipster and KOAM report leads to recovery

OSWEGO, Kan. – Sara Lytle tells KOAM the stolen Santa statue in Oswego, Kansas, is back thanks to our report and a tipster.

Lytle called KOAM this afternoon, giving the good news that her 4-foot-tall Santa statue is back in one piece. She says soon after our report about the missing statue, a tipster called the Oswego Police Department. The tip came from someone outside of Oswego. Officers found the statue in another town and returned him to Riverside Park in Oswego.

Community members recently decorated the park for an upcoming annual event. Then, on Sunday, Nov. 27, folks noticed the Santa statue was missing.

Sara Lytle says the statue is a display her art gallery created.

Oswego Police were determined to find it along with the community.

She sent KOAM a photo this afternoon of Santa back in the park with Assistant Police chief Brandon Conrad, Officer Brian Sinclair and Police Chief George Elliot (pictured left to right).

—> KOAM Article: Owner discusses Santa statue stolen from Oswego park

Authorities continue investigating the theft.

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