“Axe the Food Tax” effort in Kansas is on track

TOPEKA, Kan. – On Friday, Governor Luara Kelly announced Kansas is on track to implement ‘Axe the Food Tax.’

Lawmakers passed the bill during the 2022 session.

This bill eliminates the state sales tax on:

  • Groceries
  • Diapers
  • feminine hygiene products

“We have ‘Axed the Food Tax’ and are putting money back in Kansans’ pockets,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “Kansans will see the savings very soon, but we can do more. When the Kansas Legislature comes back in January, I will push again for the complete and immediate elimination of the state’s sales tax on groceries.”

House Bill 2106 will gradually eliminate the state’s sales tax on groceries. The first reduction of the tax rate will occur on January 1, 2023, changing the state sales tax rate on groceries from 6.5% to 4.0%. Current legislation will completely eliminate the state’s sales tax on groceries by 2025. Local tax rates still apply.

The Department has formally posted its informational notice and sales tax publication, which address the state sales tax rate reduction and the kinds of food purchases covered by the rate reduction.

“Even after providing the educational materials and opportunities as it rolls out these changes, KDOR continues to be available to retailers to ensure the transition to these sales tax savings is as smooth as possible,” Revenue Secretary Mark Burghart said.

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