Thursday blog: As temps begin to rise, so do wind speeds -Chris

Good Thursday morning everyone! I hope your week is going well and remember, we’re that much closer to Friday.

Our big weather story the next couple of days is going to be the wind. It begins increasing as we head into this afternoon with gusts upwards of 30-40mph across the area.

Unfortunately, winds will continue to increase heading into Friday and by Friday afternoon, we’re looking at a Tuesday repeat with winds gusting 40-50mph maybe a bit higher in some areas, so make sure you secure that trash can and don’t inflate your Christmas inflatables.

With winds increasing this afternoon, we do have a yellow light for that drive home as those 20-30mph gusts could knock around high profile vehicles. In SEK, with gusts possibly pushing 40mph, you need to take it slow and allow yourself extra time to get where you’re going. East/West highways will be most susceptible as these winds will be out of the south.

Going through today, we’re looking at clear to mostly clear skies with highs in the upper 40s and even lower 50s for some of us.

We’ll hit an early low of 37° and by early, I mean around 9/10pm tonight. After that, with that strong south breeze, temps will begin to warm toward sunrise.

Our weekend starts cool in the lower 40s on Saturday but by Sunday we get a bit more sun in here and highs pushing the lower 50s.

We’re watching more rain chances as we head into next week as our roller coaster ride of temps continues.

Your long range forecast is below.



Next Weekend:  Chilly with rain chances.

December 11th-17th:  Turning colder with rain or snow chances on Sunday. Another system in on Wednesday and Thursday with rain or snow chances.  Staying cool into the weekend.

December 25th-31st: Warming up at the beginning of the week then much colder for the second half of the week.  Rain and snow chances on Tuesday and Wednesday and then again for New Years Eve.

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