Girard Fire Chief announces resignation, cites issues in letter

GIRARD, Kan. – Girard Fire Chief John Moutz, Jr. announces his resignation after nearly nine years as a firefighter.

Moutz sent his letter to the City of Girard, parts of it giving statements about the state of the Fire Department and issues with city management.

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You can read his resignation letter below,

“I, Chief John Moutz Jr, will be resigning as Fire Chief for the City of Girard Fire Department.

My last day with the City of Girard will be December 6th, 2022. I would like to thank the City of Girard for giving me the opportunity to serve the wonderful citizens of Girard for the last (almost) nine years.

I was honored to become a volunteer firefighter for Girard Fire Department in April of 2014. I was later hired as a full-time Public Works Laborer in October 2016. Then I was appointed as Fire Chief in February 2021.

It goes without saying my entire adulthood has been dedicated to serving the citizens of Girard.

It has been an honor to have the opportunity to work alongside a majority of the employees that I have worked with.

I have been here to witness a lot of ups and downs while working with the city but lately I have seen the Fire Department decline immensely over recent years.

Unfortunately, a lot has been taken from the Fire Department due to the city’s management.

I have been working tirelessly to try to build this department back to what it should be for the citizens of Girard. It has become very clear that certain individuals in the city’s administrative roles will not take the time to educate themselves and attempt to understand the importance of preserving the city’s fire department and in return has cause the fire department to deplete.

With that being said, my position as Fire Chief cannot be promised to me as a stable employment.

I have been offered a position that I cannot pass up as my first priority is supporting myself and my family.

I am truly heartbroken that I can no longer serve the citizens of my hometown, but I have been left with no choice.

Please accept this as my format resignation.

My last day at Girard Fire Department will be December 6th, 2022,


John Moutz Jr”

The City of Girard sent us the resignation letter. KOAM asked the City for a statement on Moutz’s resignation.

They sent the following,

“The City always enjoys being able to give employees promotional opportunities and watch them grow. In 2021, the City was able to promote a Public Works employee to the role of Fire Chief. And we wish him well in his future endeavors.

City Administration is expected to recommend the promotion of a current volunteer to a Captain role. This volunteer started his fire career with the City and quickly advanced, eventually taking a full-time position with a larger department. He, along with another long-time volunteer member and Captain for Girard Fire will assist until a new Chief is appointed. Each will be involved in planning for the future and are certified in various areas of fire protection and medical services.“ –

Johanna O’Brien, MPA, SHRM-SCP

City Administrator


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