Kansas City charter school teacher under investigation for alleged racial slur

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A University Academy high school teacher is on administrative leave pending an investigation with the school.

The teacher is accused of using the N-word in front of students and it was caught on camera two weeks ago.

“That’s just a word that should never be used,” parent Melissa Robinson said, “in a district that predominately serves African American children.”

To most she’s Councilwoman Robinson, but the most recent event at University Academy hits close to home because her kids attend the school.

The video shows a high school teacher at the school saying the N-word in front of students and then explaining to the students why he said it.

FOX4 has seen the video in which the teacher said, “just like African Americans call themselves N****.”

A student in the classroom told FOX4 the teacher used the word in one his classes earlier that day and said it again to another class explaining why he said it.

“He’s not the one to deliver that point to students,” parent Carly Mitchell said. “Like he would not be the one that I would want my Black or brown children to get that point across to.”

Parents like Mitchell said there’s no excuse for using the racial slur.

In the video, the teacher said it was used in educational context saying, “It was said for the purpose of talking about empowerment. So you can either like it, not like it, be upset about it all you like, but ultimately this is a ridiculous conversation.”

University Academy sent a statement to parents that said:

“Parents and Students, University Academy leadership is aware of the discussion that is reported to have occurred in a high school classroom over two weeks ago. Although we are limited in our comments while we look into the matter, the teacher in question has been placed on administrative leave. We recognize the community’s interest in such classroom discussions and share in the expectation for awareness and inclusivity in our schools.

While we continue investigating the situation and will address the matter in a manner consistent with our goal of ensuring a safe and secure learning environment for the children of our community.

We welcome any and all information you may have about this matter and ask that you come forward and provide all information you might have. It has been and will always be UA’s Mission to serve as positive role models and valuable members of the community for our students. To that end we will continue our commitment to maintaining a learning environment inclusive of all students.”

“But when you do things of that nature is on video, it’s on tape, that person doesn’t need to receive another penny of taxpayer dollars, not one penny,” Robinson said.

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