"Holiday Tree Trail" kicks off at Mercy Park

JOPLIN, Mo. — A 3rd annual event transforms Joplin’s Mercy Park into a festive, family activity. Tonight (11/29) kicks off the “Holiday Tree Trail” contest presented by Joplin Parks and Recreation, the City of Joplin, and the Visit Joplin group.

Before everyone made their way from tree-to-tree, the evening began with several performances by Karen’s Dance Studio, while our two favorite funny guys, Howie and Bubba from KODE’S Good Morning Four States provided the introductions. Even Santa himself took time out of his busy schedule to light up the walking trail, which is made of up 40 decorated trees; each one sponsored by a different local business or organization.

“I think it’s very special for all the families to be able to come out and enjoy it together. It’s very well organized and lit up and nice. I look forward to coming every year that they have it.”

Mistey Evy – Touring The Holiday Tree Trail

“It just makes the community come together during the holiday time and just being able to be out and enjoy the wonderful event that the community puts on and just enjoy this with your family. It’s just a different thing you can do and just be able to support the community.”

Keri Kirby – Office Administrative Coordinator, Olsson

“I think that’s the great thing, people coming out and seeing the various trees by the organizations, seeing what we represent and just getting to celebrate the season with the Joplin community.”

Lori Crockett – PR & Marketing, Joplin Public Library

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You have until December 21st to make that tough decision: Which of the 40 trees is you favorite? Voting is done by scanning the QR codes displayed next to each tree on the trail. You can vote for your favorite tree during the park’s hours of 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. The top 3 winners will receive a special trophy and catering from Texas Roadhouse in Joplin.

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