Local mother donates extra breast milk

JOPLIN, Mo – One Joplin mother has been breastfeeding her 4-month-old son since birth.

Paige Karnes only pumps to make sure she knows how much milk her son Atlas is getting.

She wanted to start stocking up and realized she had an abundance of milk.

After deciding to make a post on Facebook saying she has extra and wanted to donate and sell some,  she never knew how much of a response she would have.

Taehler Pupo from Galeana is just one of many mothers who reached out to Paige for help.

With her milk supply decreasing and her daughter Ezra not being able to take formula she went through her freezer stock fast and needed help.

Paige started out with 4,300oz of milk, given or sold around 1,800oz, and has about 2,000 more ounces to donate.


If you want to reach out to Paige Karnes you can find her Facebook here.

You can always contact your local Health Department for a lactation consultant for any help when it comes to breastfeeding.


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