Joplin woman has collected over 300 "Hallmark" ornaments

JOPLIN, Mo. — A local woman has likely set the Christmas tree decorating bar high for you.

Meet Marsha Lattimer and her Christmas tree covered in over 300 “Hallmark” ornaments.

She’s been collecting these dazzling and interactive ornaments since 1995.

Each one resembles a special memory for her, like her son’s favorite toys growing up.

They’re all intricately placed, leaving no room for bare spots.

This year, she put her tree up right after Halloween, but even after initially putting it up, she makes adjustments until it is absolutely perfect.

The entire tree brings a sense of nostalgia and Christmas magic.

“Sometimes I’ll just be sitting there drinking my coffee or just sitting, relaxing and just looking at the tree and it just brings back memories and just good times. Just seeing them and, it just takes me back. The good old days were the good old days, they were the best,” said Marsha Lattimer.

Every year, she gets more ornaments to add to her special tree of memories.

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