How "Black Saturday" is helping local businesses

JOPLIN, Mo. — You’ve definitely heard of “Black Friday”, but there’s also a “Black Saturday”.

It’s another way to encourage shopping at local small businesses.

Today, the “Front Page” store in Joplin held their own Black Saturday event.

On top of great bargains, the business also offered food trucks in their parking lot, like “Hubbs Bbq” and “Filipino Food.”

The store’s owner says it’s already been one of the best Christmas seasons they’ve had in their 38-year history.

And despite the rain, hundreds of shoppers made their way to the store to support their local economy.

“The money stays here, we’re able to, you know, give it back to our employees and the landlord and everything, you know, just able to keep more money in the community and all that, and able to support more local businesses,” said Jon Page, Owner, Front Page.

Their fun is not over with yet.

Even though the store is closed on Sundays, you can still “Shop the Comments” by visiting the store’s Facebook page to claim items to pick up on Monday.

The “Shop the Comments” items are all in the comment section of the pinned post.

We have a link to their Facebook page, which you can visit here.

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