SW Missouri gem, 150-year-old Christmas tree farm ready for holidays

SOUTHWEST CITY, Mo. — All you Thanksgiving folks, time is up, and it’s now officially Christmas season, which includes picking out that perfect Christmas tree.

The farmers at Ozark Valley Christmas Tree Farm in Southwest City are in their busy season. Last year, the farm was only open for half the season because they sold out of trees so quickly.

Charity Keith and her husband are first-generation Christmas tree farmers, despite their “Manning Family Farm” being an established 150-year-old, 7-generation farm. Their first Christmas tree crop was planted around 17 years ago. The first trees were ready 7 years later so, they’ve now been selling live trees for 10 years.

More than anything, they say picking out that perfect tree is all about the experience.

“Yeah, you don’t just come buy a tree. It is definitely an experience. You do get to ride a hay ride from the gift shop area over to the farm and back. And that’s a lot of the excitement right there is getting to ride in the hay ride. We’ve got our barn that’s 150 years old and it’s decorated. People like exploring and looking at that as well,” said Charity Keith, Farmer.

The farm expects to sell between 500 and 600 trees this year.

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