Porch Pirates likely to strike this holiday season amidst online shopping peak times

JOPLIN, Mo. — Porch pirates are likely to be out in full force as online shopping hits a peak this time of year. They’re known for sneaking up to your porch – stealing those Christmas gifts that you just ordered.

Porch piracy is called “a crime of opportunity,” but it can be prevented. Some steps include installing security camera doorbells that can film the thieves and track movement.

Law enforcement officers also recommend taking another extra step by investing in a smart home security system, as it helps them out, too.

“They’re very effective. It usually is beneficial, a lot of them are pretty good on how clear the image is, and a lot of times we don’t know who that person is until we blast it out there on our Facebook page and say ‘Hey can you identify this person that was in a recent theft?’ You know, make sure that you aren’t a crime of opportunity when somebody walks by and sees it,” said Andy Blair – Sergeant of Training Division, Joplin Police.

Another way is to let a neighbor know when your packages are arriving so that person can collect them for you.

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