Local fishing team preps for tournament; reacts to cheating

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Kan. – Some local fishermen are gearing up for their next tournament at Lake Hartwell in South Carolina.

KOAM’s Keri Worthen met up with Levi Snow, his son Lee, and his friend Ben Hodgson today at a pit in Cherokee County, Kansas.

Levi and Lee make up a father-and-son team with the Columbus Bass Club.

“Well I spend time with my dad, I have fun and that’s it,” says Lee.

However, the next fishing tournament requires a person to be 16 or older. So, Ben is preparing with Levi for the National Bass Team Championship.

Levi says, “Basically, a tournament for all the teams trails across the United States and they send their best team to this tournament and whoever wins this tournament moves on to the bass master classic.”

Snow says a lot of preparation, money, and time goes into getting ready for a tournament.

Keri asked Levi what he thought about the recent cheating that went on with the walleye fish at Lake Erie.

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“To me that is terrible because everybody else spends all this time that went into this, you spend hours prepping for a tournament like this then somebody just throws weights down and that is just unethical. You also putting lost of money on the line too, it’s not just the time,” Levi told Keri.

You can watch the full story above!

Levi gives a shoutout to his sponsors, helping him live his dream: Big Hammer Lures, 2K Jigs (The lure he caught his fish on today), FINS Braid, Elite Rod Sleeves, Stank Stick, Vexan Fishing

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