"Higher Power Garage" gifts cars to three local women

JOPLIN, Mo. — Some people think celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving is a big no-no.

But this is the kind of early celebration you might get behind, three local women in need, all getting an early holiday gift.

“We fix cars here, that’s what we do. But, really what we’re here for is to help people improve their lives,” said Mike Gideon, Higher Power Garage President.

It’s a motto that’s continued to come to fruition since “Higher Power Garage’s” inception, time and time again.

“It’s pretty exciting for us. I mean, it’s a big day. We’ve been able to put cars out in the past and we’ve done multiple cars before, but this one just feels special,” said Gideon,

Special, because the garage is gifting three low-cost vehicles to three local women in need.

“Go to work, take my kids to the park, take them to school. It’s going to be really good,” said Jillian Radcliff, Recipient.

Jillian Radcliff has been staying at god’s resort, learning to be on her own, including the car care program, to learn about what it means to own a vehicle and how to properly care for it.

“I learned a lot. Now I know that every dollar matters and I’m not going in blind with having a vehicle,” said Jillian Radcliff, Recipient.

Amanda Guyette is also getting a vehicle.

“I’ll be able to go to the grocery store, go to work, go see my kids, take them to do things,” said Amanda Guyette, Recipient.

Higher Power has now given away 33 cars in the last two years, thanks to the support of the community.

“The involvement that we’re seeing from the community in this program, both in cars that are starting to be donated and quality of the cars being donated, as well as other organizations investing in us, like the Arvest Foundation,” said Gideon.

“I feel very blessed to see how caring people actually are because I come from the other side of the tracks where nobody cared about anybody but themselves,” said Guyette.

Getting the keys on this day-before Thanksgiving is nothing short of life-changing.

The women are thankful, and so is Radcliff’s son.

“He’s super excited because he knows we get to go to the skate park now, and we get to see my sister for the holidays so we’re really excited,” said Radcliff.

“Very, very grateful and thankful,” said Guyette.

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