Single parents receive vehicles through a Low Cost Vehicle Program

JOPLIN, Mo – The Low-Cost Vehicle Program is through Higher Power Garage and is directed toward families that are without transportation.

Applicants who get accepted have requirements before they can get a vehicle. They have to have a job working a minimum of 30 hours a week. They also need a budget showing they can afford the car.

Another requirement is to attend classes about basic auto maintenance and budgeting.

Then lastly they have to write an impact letter explaining how the vehicle will change their life.

Each participant has to pay $500 for a vehicle and each vehicle is donated through various donors. Arvest Bank donated $5,000 to go toward the program.

Three mothers received a vehicle today.

We spoke with two of the mothers and they both agreed support is the biggest thing they lacked, until now.

Jillian Radcliff is a single mother of 2 and lost her vehicle to a title loan last year.  She said the budgeting class has helped her learn how to save her money and the basic maintenance class helped her learn how to change a tire and check her oil, which she didn’t know how to do before.  She is excited to take her kids to the park.

Amanda Guyette is the mother of 4 and grandmother of 1,  who received a vehicle she told us she had an addiction problem and overdosed a little over a year ago and lost her kids due to that.

This is just another step to get her kids back and she is excited to go grocery shopping and to her kid’s events.

Higher Power Garage has classes for basic vehicle maintenance for anyone 15 years of age and older.

If you are interested in taking the classes or want to help donate you can click here.

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