Crouch preps for toughest fight yet, aims for 4-0 start to pro boxing career

WEBB CITY, Mo. – Theran Crouch is about to face his toughest fight yet in his young professional boxing career.

“When we started looking for opponents, our main goal was somebody with experience,” Crouch says, “This guy has 3X as many fights as me and 9X as many rounds. I was like perfect, sign me up.”

“I’m not here for a long time, I’m here for a good time,” he adds, “I’m trying to climb the ladder as fast as I can. The only way to do that is fight these guys who are veterans of the sport and have been through it. Not a lot of fighters at this point would take this fight, but I fear regret a lot more than I do losing.”

Crouch will face Erasmo Garcia from Little Rock, Arkansas on December 3rd at Buffalo Run Casino.

Garcia is 5-3-2 overall in his boxing career with with 3 knockout wins.

“He’s tough. He comes forward,” Crouch says of Garcia, “They can all come forward, because once I land on them, it all stops.”


While he’s confident – Crouch isn’t taking his next opponent lightly.

“I’ve had a little more fire in my belly this time. This is probably the most excited I’ve ever been for a fight,” Crouch says, “We extended to a 12-week camp. I have a personal trainer. We’ve taken things very seriously. There’s no cutting corners.”

He also has plenty of motivation – as he continues to try to make a name for himself both regionally and nationally.

“I need that big fight, and this is the way to get that – prove myself on the regional scene and then we’ll start making those trips to fight on the coast.”

“I’m a dad now, too. That definitely ups things as well,” Crouch adds, “Now, we’re looking at people taking food off the table for my daughter. If that’s the case, then you better be ready to kill me.”

He’s also motivated to once again put on a show for the home crowd.

“My people and my support group is unmatched,” Crouch says, “Hearing them chant and get after it for me, you can’t beat that.”


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