Police work to prevent dangerous illegal car sideshows in KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Kansas City, Missouri, police are trying new ways to crack down on street racing and illegal car sideshows.

The Department posted a video to social media last week, discussing the danger these actions are causing.

“This video is from this weekend, when approximately 90 vehicles blocked roads, performed dangerous stunts, and discharged firearms. We recovered about 100 spent shell casings at one scene alone.”

“These are selfish, high-risk, dangerous events for everyone involved, including spectators. Please encourage loved ones to stay away from them.”

According to KCTV, investigators say sideshows began increasing in 2020 in Kansas City. The ongoing increase prompted police to release a PSA letting the community know that officers will be enforcing laws against participants and spectators.

Recently, the Police Department worked with its helicopters to catch those involved in illegal activity. “Working with our helicopter, officers used stop sticks to prevent people from driving away. We issued 33 citations and towed four vehicles.”

On November 17, 2022, the Kansas City Missouri Police Department stated, “Our command staff is meeting right now exploring new ways to stop illegal sideshows and street racing.”

This week, KCTV reports that public works crews installed deterrents in downtown Kansas City and several other locations. The deterrents are meant to try and stop tires from spinning and sliding.

Renters, pedestrians and business owners have called the police about illegal sideshows.

KCPD Traffic Division Commander Major Dave Jackson says they’ve spent millions of dollars in infrastructure to put in bike lanes. He says these selfish actors are driving right through it, creating a dangerous environment.

Jackson told KCTV, “Not to mention the selfishness of just taking over a street where people that are trying to use it for commerce, use it to get to doctor’s appointments, use it to get to work. They can’t use it.”

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