Warm & Breezy Today; Rain Chances By Friday

We will still be warm for today and see temperatures climb into the 70s once again except we should see some breezier winds over the Four States. We will see rain chances for Friday with a strong system set to push through that could also provide some strong storms as well.

Temperatures this morning were in the 50s across most of the area making it a more mild morning. With the kids headed off to school this morning temperatures were a bit warmer than we have seen in previous mornings in the low 50s and upper 40s across the Four States with plenty of sun as well.

High pressure continues to affect our area and drive a southerly wind into the Four States. This wind has picked up today and will likely continue to be breezy tomorrow thanks to a pressure gradient generated by a strong low pressure system approaching from the west. This low will continue to move closer to the area and we should see rain chances increase for our Friday. Friday night will likely see the apex in rain chances across the Four States and the potential for stronger storms as well. By late Saturday morning and into mid-day we should be drying out.

This system has the potential to produce some serious rainfall across the area for Friday as it moves east and has the upper level forcing of the amplified trough. This rainfall will be very beneficial for the ongoing drought across the area with many areas still seeing exceptional levels of drought. There is a potential for some stronger storms with this system as we are under a marginal risk for Friday. The largest severe weather threat looks to be off to the south for now though.

For today expect a high around 76 with mostly sunny skies as well as warm and breezy conditions. Tonight expect a low around 58 with a warmer night ahead and increasing clouds. We will see temperatures in the 70s for the next couple of days before the rain cools us down a bit and then we climb back into the 70s by next week.

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