Arvest donation helps Jasper County Sheriff's Office purchase future equipment

CARTHAGE, Mo. — There are 10,000 reasons why Jasper County Sheriff’s Office officials will remember this Wednesday.

And it came in the form of a $10,000 donation from the Arvest Foundation. the money will help the department purchase new equipment, bullet proof vests and vest carriers.

The donation will also make technical upgrades to help it continue to fight cyber crime.

“The Arvest Foundation funding the work that Jasper County Sheriff’s Office is doing and especially with the Cyber Crimes Task Force, you know, you don’t think that stuff’s here. Well, it’s in your backyard. It’s a couple streets over, you never know where it is. So being able to fund them so that they can really use that money to, you know, seek these people out and stop these crimes from happening is incredibly important right now,” said Austin Hyslip. Marketing Manager.

“Obviously an immeasurable impact on our office. We obviosly have limited funds that we can use and so when somebody like Arvest foundation steps in and gives us a little bit of additional money for these things, it just enables us to do our job all the more better,” said Randee Kaiser, Jasper County Sheriff.

A previous donation by Arvest to the sheriff’s office helped fund body cameras.

Part of this donation will also pay for body mounts for those cameras.

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