Frontenac softball raises banner, receives state championship rings

FRONTENAC, Kan. – (WATCH) The Frontenac High School softball team raises their state championship banner and receives their state championship rings Wednesday.

“We’ve all been waiting for this day,” says head coach Cassie Rhuems, “Spring sports end at a weird time. You come back and you get into the grind of summer. I just appreciate the district giving us the opportunity to celebrate these kids. It’s an awesome accomplishment that they will live with forever, and they’ll never forget it. They were a great representation of our community. I’m really proud of them. It wasn’t always happy and fun. We had moments of really bad softball and moments of frustration. I thought it was a great reflection of who these kids are, they way they performed at the regional tournament and at the state tournament. It really just showed what kind of guys they really had.”

Frontenac beat Prairie View 7-1 back in May to claim the 3A state championship. It’s the program’s third state title since 2016.

“We enjoyed today and once we released the banner I told them that we better be back here next year doing the same thing,” Rhuems adds, “The expectation is there. We have the quality of kids to do it again if we want to. We just have to have the right mentality, the right preparation and take care of business when we have the opportunity.”


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