More rain today, some dry weather, then additional showers possible later this week -Chris

Good morning everyone, I hope you all are enjoying this nice round of rain we’re getting, something we’ve needed for quite some time.

So far, up through this morning, we’ve seen anywhere from 1-3″ of rain across the area, which is a healthy dose. Not enough to put a significant dent in the drought, but it certainly helps.

You may have noticed, it’s a bit cooler today as well. We’re trending upwards of 30° cooler today than what we saw yesterday morning across the area. That’s all thanks to the cold front that rolled through yesterday with the first batch of showers and thunderstorms.

The drive home as a yellow light as we’ll see the showers and storms start to clear up later this evening, however, we’ll hold onto winds gusting upwards for 40mph through about 7:00 tonight, so do be aware of that.

For today, we’re hitting that 55° early again like yesterday, with temperatures otherwise hovering in the mid to upper 40s through most of the day.

We clear out tonight and get cool, with an overnight low of 40°, however, we also manage to lose those gusty winds.

We’ve got additional rain chances later in the week.

Your long range forecast is below.



Next Tuesday-Saturday:  Warming into the 70s, but showers pushing through on Wednesday and Thursday.  Mild temperatures into the weekend.

November 6th-12th:  A cool start to the week with a few showers.  Warming up late in the week but rain chances on Friday and Saturday.

November 13th-19th: Mainly a mild week with rain chances toward the weekend.

November 20th-26th: Much cooler week with slight chances for showers on Monday.  Then a bigger system right after Thanksgiving with rain and maybe snow chances.

November 27th- December 3rd:  A cold start to the week with a mid week warm up.  Rain chances for the middle of the week and cooling back down toward the weekend.

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