Update: Carthage cleans up after a devastating fire Saturday evening

CARTHAGE, Mo. — An entire block in Carthage is gone after devastating structure fires took out two buildings last night.

It took 5 fire departments to put out the raging flames that destroyed the block between Central and Grant Street. The fire started around 8 p.m. at “Henson Metal Building Supplies”.

High winds caused the fire to spread to the neighboring church, “Casa De Sanidad”. Grant Street and Howard Street are both closed tonight From East 2nd Street to East Central Avenue.

“Carthage Street Department” crews spent most of the day Sunday marking off the block with tape and using machinery to push burnt debris and glass toward the center of the block, away from roads.

Surrounding power lines were destroyed, and neighboring buildings show visible smoke damage.

Crews from the Missouri State Fire Marshall’s office were on scene throughout the night.

They are still investigating the cause of the fire.

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