George Washington Carver's influence on higher education

DIAMOND, Mo. — Some history on George Washington Carver’s role in higher education was shared this afternoon.

A presentation was held at the George Washington Carver National Monument, detailing his time at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama.

Carver was offered a position as the head of the agriculture department by Booker T. Washington in 1896. Carver then spent the next 47 years working, living, and teaching at the institute while serving his tenure.

This presentation described how the next generation of students were greatly influenced by Carver’s teaching. The Tuskegee Institute offered many opportunities to Carver that were not all just based in science.

“It was through them that he ended up going on speaking engagements, it was through Tuskegee that they encouraged him for interracial relations, it was actually from Tuskegee that he ended up going to Washington D.C. and speaking in front of Congress on behalf of the peanut farmer,” said Valerie Baldwin, Park Guide.

Carver would receive much of his fame while at Tuskegee and his legacy is still remembered by many in Alabama.

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