Weekend Wrap (Oct. 22-23)

Massive structure fire spreads from building to building in Carthage, Mo.

CARTHAGE, Mo. – At about 7:45 p.m. Saturday evening reports of a commercial structure fire at 100 Grant, NE of the square alerted Jasper County E-911. Click here to learn more.

Pedestrian killed in crash, Joplin Police Major Crash Team investigate

JOPLIN, Mo. — Just before 3 a.m. Joplin E-911 were alerted to a crash on North Main just south of the Zora overpass. Click here to learn more.

Missouri State Highway Patrol say interstate closes as wildland fires burn

BOONE COUNTY, Mo. — Almost the entire state of Missouri is in extreme drought conditions and high-risk for outside fires. Late Saturday afternoon to the west of Columbia smoke from wildland fires has now closed I-70. Click here to learn more.

Fast-moving grassfires plague the area

JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — At about 4 p.m. Saturday reports of a fast-moving grassfire near CR300 and Juniper Road north of Carl Junction. This is the second large fire of the day for Carl Junction Fire Protection District. Click here to learn more.

Driverless tractor strikes truck and kills pedestrian in Cherokee County

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Kan. – The Kansas Highway Patrol says one pedestrian was killed after a driverless tractor struck a truck and a pedestrian. Click here to read more.

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