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Scam calls in the 4-States seem more prevalent than ever, so local authorities are reminding residents to avoid these calls and hang up if something doesn’t seem right.

Pre-paid Scam

One of the most prevalent scams across all platforms involves the use of pre-paid gift cards such as:

  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Google Play Cards
  • Apple Cards

Many scammers employ the use of pre-paid card payments because they are very difficult to track down. This makes it difficult for the victim to recoup any of the money they were scammed out of.

If an agency requests payments of any of the cards seen above, hang up and report the incident to local authorities.

Law Enforcement impersonation

In the last several months, 4-state residents have reported losing thousands of dollars to scams. One specific type of scam involves unknown suspects impersonating local law enforcement officers. 

Usually, the scammers claim that the citizen victim owes money for a failure to appear for jury duty or an unpaid ticket.

Local officers warn residents that no LEO will ever contact them by phone to request money.

FTC statistics show that more than one in five people who reported a law enforcement impostor scam in 2021 lost money, with a median loss of $3,000. 

City Employee Impersonation

Officers say another common scam in the area involves unknown suspects impersonating city employees that try to steal money or personal information.

“The City of Miami’s Customer Service Department has received reports of a customer receiving a call stating that they were with the City of Miami and were going to pull their electric meter unless given personal information. We want to warn City utility customers this is a scam and to not give out any personal information to callers. – City of Miami.

Money is not the only valuable resource to these scammers. The City of Miami says not to give out any personal information to anyone making similar claims over the phone.

UPS Scam

The City of Andale, Kansas released a statement earlier this year regarding a UPS scam affecting residents.

The Andale Police Department says that this message is a scam and that residents should avoid messages claiming to be UPS or USPS that ask for additional money or information.

Amazon Scam

In September, the Federal Trade Commission announced its recent focus on helping Americans who lost millions of dollars through Amazon Scams.

Data shows that from July 2020 through June 2021, 1 in 3 phone scammers claimed to work for Amazon,

During that time period, reported losses topped more than $27 million with the reported median individual loss totaling about $1,000.

The FTC would like to remind all Americans that major companies like amazon will never ask for payments of pre-paid cards like the ones seen above.


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