Multiple grassfires across region; Extreme dry conditions and high winds

KOAM NEWS NOW (JOPLIN METRO) — Extreme drought conditions persist. No outside burning recommended. Authorities ask you not discard cigarettes.

“All Grove area fire departments are busy with multiple grade fires in Ottawa, Delaware Counties and in McDonald County, Missouri. You may need to adjust your travel plans if you see smoke near you.” — Cowskin Fire Dept

About 3 p.m. Friday Redings Mill Fire were dispatched to separate and unrelated fires miles apart on Foliage Road.

  • Foliage to the east along Highland Drive
  • Foliage on the west side, hydrant fill site (5500 Foliage) to assist grassfire to the north  near Drake Drive

Multiple Fire Depts responded to assist:

  • Joplin Fire
  • Neosho Fire
  • Seneca Fire
  • Galena Kan. Fire
  • Carl Junction Fire
  • Diamond Fire

Other grassfires are being reported:

  • Carthage Fire extinguish grassfire near I-44 exit 22.
  • NEOkla. Quapaw Fire Rescue, Wyandotte Fire, Seneca Cayuga Fire, Cowskin Fire, and Grove Fire busy this afternoon more than one fire.
  • Southwest City Fire and area assisting departments in McDonald County.
  • Vernon County at Compton Junction, North of Nevada large grassfire.

Watch for KOAM’s Shannon Becker on the road with live! coverage

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