Rangeline bridge construction progress, large girders arrive to construction site

JOPLIN, Mo. — Wednesday evening October 19, 2022 we caught numerous tractor trailers arriving with huge beams to the Rangeline Bridge construction site.

Arriving from the south we learn these huge beams were made of concrete. Sources told us they were concrete not steel, called N U Girders.

Workers on scene told us they were arriving to the site from the Kansas City area. Each one is 110-feet long. The tractor and towing units make the entire rig about 170-feet.

Tractor trailer drivers traveled north on S Rangeline and some turned around at 29th Street to back the girders into the construction site, parked behind the construction signage.

| MORE RANGELINE BRIDGE >> All businesses continue to have Rangeline access through construction

Other major changes include new walls. The former bridge had earthen berms supporting the elevated roadway. Now there are concrete walls. No more mowing.

There are large cranes now on site that will place the girders into place.

We counted nearly 10 girders. Workers said two more will arrive Thursday morning.

The bridge is expected to be completed in December.

• The new bridge is 2 feet higher
• The new bridge is 15 feet wider
• The new bridge is 27 feet shorter
• The new bridge will have sidewalks on both sides

Overview of bridge. Note the raised roadway is mostly earthen berms to a retaining wall allowing 27th and 29th and all normal business access to continue on South Rangeline.


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