Big Kansas races for Election 2022; here are your candidates

KANSAS – You can find some of the big races in Kansas below and links to learn about the candidates or issues. (Coming Soon: List of all ballot issues for southeast Kansas residents)

Kansas Governor

US Senate

US Rep. District 2

Attorney General

State Treasurer

Secretary of State

Constitutional Amendments

  • Amendment 1: Legislative Veto or Suspension of Executive Agency Regulations Amendment
    • A “yes” vote supports this constitutional amendment to allow the state legislature to pass laws by a simple majority vote to revoke or suspend rules and regulations adopted by executive agencies or officers.
    • A “no” vote opposes this constitutional amendment, thereby maintaining that the legislature can pass bills to change the law governing the executive agency or pass a resolution expressing displeasure with the rule or regulation.
  • Amendment 2: County Sheriff Election and Recall Amendment
    • A “yes” vote supports amending the state Constitution to require the election of county sheriffs in counties that had not abolished the office as of January 2022 and provide that sheriffs may be recalled from office or removed by a writ of quo warranto initiated by the attorney general.
    • A “no” vote opposes this amendment to require counties to elect sheriffs, thereby maintaining that counties can elect to operate under a consolidated law enforcement agency according to state law.

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