Noel Family receives the gift of clean water

NOEL, Mo. – KOAM’s Segun Bamidele has the latest on a Noel Family receiving the gift of clean water.

After the Whiteheads moved into their home in 2021, lightning struck their well pump.

Even after the family made repairs, the water output was still limited.

The family says they have struggled on a day-to-day basis ever since the incident.

Now, a foundation established by retired football player Chris Long is teaming up with Xylem Inc. and the water well trust to provide this new well.

“For people who are struggling with the whole water situation and everything, to bless them with something they didn’t even expect. you know, it’s just really great. we’re just so grateful for everything. we’re just very humbled,” said Lori Whitehead.

The Whiteheads received a donated water well system for their house which included the pump system donated by Xylem, equipment and well drilling and installation from local businesses.

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