the women who had an impact on George Washington Carver

DIAMOND, Mo. — Guests at George Washington Carver National Monument learned about some unsung heroes, the women who made an impact on his life.

Among the women who helped Carver on his journey from Missouri to Alabama was Mariah Watkins. She was one of the first women Carver met when he moved from Diamond to Neosho.

She and her husband opened their home to Carver and gave him his first opportunity to pursue an education.

“When you think about the places we live and the places we grew up, we all have that history that connects us to the community, connects us to our home to our home to our place. And in Diamond and Neosho George Washington Carver is one of those stories, and Mariah Watkins is one of those stories,” said Valerie Baldwin, Park Guide.

If you are interested in learning more about Carver’s life, you can visit the National Park Service’s website, here.

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