Racing at the "Bonnie & Clyde Shootout"

NEOSHO, Mo. — Many professional and amateur racers competed at the “4-State Moto Complex” today in the “Bonnie & Clyde Shootout”.

For the children, it was a chance to practice their techniques, and learn from some of the professionals. The professional racers were competing for a chance up to win $15,000.

“It’s cool to see professionals out here. It’s cool. We get to see all the professionals, pros. The fun part is how we get to watch them do the champagne party,” said Garrett and Alex Feagans, Amateur Racers. “We get to watch them fly up in the air on these massive jumps and just whip and scrub its fun, its awesome.”

“The race is huge like for us privateers. We need the money to go racing. There’s a lot of really good pro riders here and it feels awesome and I just tried to go out there and get a good start. I didn’t get a whole shot on the first one to the first turn like yesterday. I got both of them but I made my way around the guys pretty quickly, and put my head down and went to work,” said Chandler Baker, Professional Rider.

“4-State Moto Complex” has more events in the spring, like the “Battle of the Borders Outdoor MX Series” in April and May of next year.

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