Monday blog: A Freeze Warning is in effect and then we warm up -Chris

Good Monday morning everyone, I hope you’re day is off to a great start albeit a bit chilly.

We have an Alert Day tonight into tomorrow with a Freeze Warning in effect from midnight tonight through 10:00am Tuesday.

For your drive home, we do have a yellow light on the Commutercast as we may see winds gusting from 20-25mph making it a bit difficult if you’re driving a high profile vehicle. Otherwise, we’re clear and in the 50s.

Talking today-  we’re mostly sunny and we’ll reach a high of 56° this afternoon. However, since our skies are clear, once the sunsets, temps drop quickly.

Tonight, again, clear skies and temperatures drop quickly back to 26° and that’s why we have a Freeze Warning in effect with this freezing temperatures.

Looking down the road, we remain dry through the week, although we’ll have increasing clouds and increasing temperatures.

The wild side of it all is we’ll head back into the lower 80s by the weekend.

Your long range forecast is below.



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