Neon is back on at Historic Boots Court

CARTHAGE, Mo. — As dusk arrived on October 12, 2022, “The neon is lit!!!! We could not possibly be more excited for our beautiful emerald to be shining like the jewel she was meant to be!!” The Boots Court stated in a release of information whilst posting a photo on social media.

Kim Bausinger told KOAM News Now in early September their hope was to have the renovations ready for Maple Leaf Festival. And appropriately so, Maple Leaf us here now!

The neon orange sign out front says “No Vacancy” tonight so they must be booked!

See availability for yourself when you book yourself a room. Click here to visit their website.

| BOOTS MOTEL >> Renovations; Boots Court Motel shows-off historic progress

The Boots Motel was opened in 1939. It began really as a gas station and then expanded over the years. It sits right on Route 66 in Carthage so it attracted travelers of the Mother Road for decades.


Clark Gable spent the night at the Boots Motel on Highway 66 at Carthage, Missouri. Gable was with his friend Al Menasco, who had stayed at the Boots before while on the way to California after leaving the service. They had dinner at Ott’s Café on Central Avenue and reportedly stayed in room ten. A crowd gathered at the Boots when word got out about the famous guest, but he retired early and the crowd left disappointed. The Boots is currently undergoing restoration.” — Vintage St. Louis & Route 66

The Clark Gable room isn’t quite renovated yet. Look forward to photos soon posted on their social media. Follow them when you click here.

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