Property tax "freeze" for Pittsburg metal fabrication company

PITTSBURG, Kans. — Atkinson Industries was founded in Pittsburg more than 100 years ago, and has facilities across the country.

This city-approved tax freeze involves the company’s $2,000,000 manufacturing expansion project in Pittsburg.

“By being able to essentially freeze their property taxes at their current rate, it allows them to recoup the cost that they put into the expansion, so it obviously benefits the company, but it also benefits the community because this enlarges the company’s foot print in our community and obviously they’re adding jobs, adding to our local economy,” said Blake Benson, President, Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce.

It’s predicted to add 10 initial jobs, and at least 20 more in the next 10 years, resulting in up to 35 new Pittsburg residents.

“Among the benefits would be, $9,000,000 in new personal incomes, almost $13,000,000 in new local retail sales tax generation. So, it’s certainly a project that’s good for the community and this is a tool that will be very helpful to them,” added Benson

It will also result in more people becoming Pittsburg residents, which has been a focus recently for city officials.

“That’s how cities, you know, foster and grow is by that revenue generation. So, the more employees we bring in, whether we get them to house in the city or not, they’re buying fuel at the local stores and you know, supporting the local restaurants,” said Jeremy Hoffman, General Manager, Atkinson Industries, Inc.

The expansion project is expected to be finished by February.

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