KHP bomb squad determines a metal pipe to be an explosive

LABETTE COUNTY, Mo. – KHP bomb squad responds to Labette County, Kansas, determining a metal pipe to be an explosive device.

On October 11, around 7:24 pm, Labette County Deputy Timothy Gilliland responded to a reported black SUV driving through the 3803 West Main Street area just outside of Parsons on the west side.

The Sheriff’s Office requested Parsons Police Department to assist.

Police Sgt. Adamson got to the area and found the black SUV. He saw and spoke with three people who came out of a storage unit that allegedly didn’t belong to them.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Adamson collected their names, finding that two of them had active warrants. He placed those two under arrest. Authorities identified them as Holly Rebecca Vanwinkle and Daniel Lee Mitchell.

Pipe Bomb Found

Deputy Gilliland also searched a backpack and found a metal pipe about three inches long. Authorities say it had a metal cap on one side and tape on the other end. They removed the pipe from the bag and called the Kansas Highway Patrol bomb squad.

The KHP team arrived and looked at the device. They determined it was explosive and took control of it.


Authorities say while Daniel Mitchell was under arrest in the Sheriff’s Office vehicle, he damaged it. They say Mitchell broke the passenger rear door panel, preventing it from opening. He also allegedly damaged the driver’s side rear door, bending it.

Deputies arrested him for his warrants. They are also requesting new charges of criminal damage, criminal use of an explosive, and attempted aggravated escape from custody. He’s booked in the Labette County Jail.

They arrested Holly Vanwinkle for her warrants. Authorities are also requesting new charges of possession of methamphetamine and use/possession of drug paraphernalia. She’s also booked in the Labette County Jail.

Both suspects had multiple failures to appear warrants.

Vanwinkle’s probation was revoked in January stemming from a 2021 case. She got probation after pleading no contest to:

  • Endangerment; Recklessly expose to danger of great bodily harm or death
  • Domestic battery; Knowing or reckless bodily harm to family/person in dating relationship
  • Criminal trespass; Remain in defiance of order by owner

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